Reference Implementations

April 19, 2021

CBRS PAL Database

The PAL Database is populated and maintained through cooperation between SAS Administrators. The Database represents the results of PAL auctions for the purposes of vetting a PAL Protection Area (PPA) claim, creating a PPA-ID, and approving CBSD spectrum grant requests under those licenses. In addition, the PAL Database records the results of agreements for PAL channel assignments, and when possible, the evolution of those agreements within each county when incumbent activity affects specific frequency allocations.

Nov 17, 2015 Open SSRF Software Library

This reference implementation was contributed by Keybridge Global and provides a verbatim compilation of the Standard Spectrum Resource Format (SSRF) version 3.1 into Java. The specification is defined in MCEB Pub 8 Version 3.1 as of 2014-09-16.

Permission is granted to the Forum’s participants by Key Bridge Global to reuse the reference implementation royalty free under the MIT License. Reuse is permitted within other proprietary software developed by participants provided all copies of the licensed software include a copy of the MIT License terms. Such proprietary software retains its proprietary nature even though it incorporates software under the MIT License.

Included in this package is:

  • Reference Implementation Source Code and Documentation (.zip)
  • DISA/DSO Reference Implmentation Compliance Letter (.pdf)

The latter references approved WInnForum Documents:

Current Release Version on Reference Implementation is also available at

Jun 01, 2014 SCA Reference Implementation version 2 (SCARI2)

Developed by the CRC under contract to the Wireless Innovation Forum, this reference implementation provides an open source reference implementation of the SCA.

May 08, 2014 Public Safety Radio System Cost Model

Developed by the Public Safety Special Interest Group, this tool estimates total lifecycle costs associated with any public safety radio system and provides a methodology for determining cost impact to that system for incorporating new SDR technologies.

May 08, 2014 Cogntive Radio Ontology

Developed by the Modeling Language for Mobility work group, this ontology, provided in OWL, can be viewed in any text editor and is described in detail in the Forum document WINNF-10-S-0007-V1_0_0-Cognitive_Radio_Ontology.pdf

May 08, 2014 Tubitak Reference Waveform

This waveform demonstrates basic operations that a WF can have, and demonstrates how to apply modulation and streaming of data through configurable parameters. This waveform works with the SCARI-Open Core Framework and includes Zeligsoft models.

May 08, 2014 GLOMO APIs

Software protocols for advanced wireless networks developed under the DARPA GloMo (Global Mobile Information Systems) program, and supplied to the Wireless Innovation Forum for distribution.

May 08, 2014 FM3TR Reference Implementation

Developed by Mercury Computer Systems under contract to the Wireless Innovation Forum, this reference implementation provides an open source implementation of an SCA enabled test waveform