WInnComm 2021: Day Three Special Edition

Hello and welcome to Setting the Standard, the podcast about wireless radio standards creation from the Wireless Innovation Forum. Today we have a special episode outlining the Day three of the Forum's virtual summit WInnComm 2021, featuring sessions on SDS Standards, Drones, International Regulations, and the Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations, with endnotes by John Chapin and Nick Laneman.


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WInnComm 2021: Day Two Special Edition

Hello and welcome to Setting the Standard, the podcast about wireless radio standards creation from the Wireless Innovation Forum. Today we have a special episode outlining the Day two of the Forum's virtual summit WInnComm 2021, featuring a keynote by Martha Suarez of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, Forum Project Updates with President John Glossner and sessions on 6 GHz Commercialization and Protection of Passive Services in Radio Spectrum.


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WInnComm 2021: Day One Special Edition

Today we have a special episode outlining the Day one of the Forum's virtual summit WInnComm 2021, featuring keynotes by Scott Patrick of the NTIA, Ira Keltz of the FCC and Col. Andrew P Martin of the USAF. In addition to the keynotes we have sessions on Software Defined Systems, the 3 GHz Band and Methods of Sharing. I will be speaking with Ken Dingman from L3Harris, Mark Gibson of Commscope, and John Glossner of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies about these sessions.


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All about ESCs

In this episode, I'm talking about ESCs with Andy Clegg, Forum CTO and Chair of SSC WG1, John Glossner, Chair of the TG assigned to work on ESC Impact Technical Report, and Mark Gibson, Vice Chair of Forum, and ESC network operator.


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Reviving The Forum's Regulatory Advisory Committee

In this episode, I'm talking with the Forum's Chief Regulatory Officer Prakash Moorut, Senior Director of Spectrum & Regulatory Affairs for Shure, about the our Regulatory Advisory Committee. The group had been inactive for a time and Prakash revived it to tackle a variety of spectrum related topics with representatives from around the globe.


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The Forum's Drone SIG

In this episode, I'm talking with John Glossner of Optimum SemiConductor Technologies and Louise Lamont of CRC Canada, about the Forum's Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Wireless Networking, or Drone for shorthand, Special Interest Group. The group is currently work putting together a report on the Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking.


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TR-1014 6 GHz foundational document

In this episode, we are talking with Navin Hatharimani of Nokia, about the Forum's 6 GHz Operational and Functional Requirements document, TR-1014, which sets the stage for operations in the band. 

For more information on the Forum's 6 GHz Committee: 

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Spring 2021 Committee Update

Today I'm talking with WInnForum CEO, Lee Pucker who provides an update on the Forum's four Committees' projects and a window into a few projects on the horizon.


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TR-1008 and the FCC's ULS Database

Today I'm talking with Peter Young, one of the main contributors to the Forum's newly released Incumbent Fixed Service Data Report (TR-1008), which provides information on general data quality issues with the Universal Licensing System or ULS, and identifies some of the missing data that will be pertinent to future discussion on automated Frequency Coordination system implementation.

You can download TR-1008 here:

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Forum Publishes Timing Service Facility

Today I'm talking to the Forum's Software Defined Systems Committee co-chair Eric Nicollet of Thales about the Committee's recently published timing service specification and supporting facilities principals report. This is an audio-only interview.

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CBRS Gets an Upgrade with New Features

Now that CBRS is in full commercial operation, a number of enhancements to the baseline specifications have been identified to support the diverse market verticals in the CBRS ecosystem. Today I'm talking to the Forum's Spectrum Sharing Committee co-chair Richard Bernhardt of WISPA about the group's new  à la-carte approach to the development of standards extending beyond the baseline required for FCC Certification in response to industry need.

1:03 A bit about the new a-la-carte development
1:55 Backward compatibility
2:45 Self-certifying for SASes and CBSDs
3:38 What is on the horizon?

6 GHz Band with Mark Gibson

Today I'm talking with CommScope's Mark Gibson, who chairs the Forum's 6 GHz Committee. Recently a larger 6 GHz Multistakeholder group has been formed as well, combining the Forum's membership horsepower with the WiFi Alliance and broader industry stakeholders to tackle an aggressive timeline to operations in the band. Today, Mark will explain the background and get into how the groups work together.

00.45 How and why did Forum get involved in the 6GHz band
01.38 Creation of the WInnForum's charter
02:09 What is the difference between the WInnForum's 6 GHz Committee and the Industry 6 GHz Multistakeholder Group anyway?
03:13 The Forum's first document for the Committee and the resulting timeline for the  Committee, including resulting FCC filings
03:59 A bit about the Forum's different sub-committees
04:44 Now more on the 6 GHz Multistakeholder Group
05:29 A relationships forms with the WiFi Alliance
05:54 More on the establishment of the MSG and its workstreams
08:00 What is the timeline moving forward? Will we be able to have an AFC certified by the holiday 2021 goal?
09:23 What has to happen for us to meet that goal?
10:19 How can stakeholders get involved?
13:26 A bit on the meeting cadence

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Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations

Today I'm talking with Forum President and Chair, John Glossner and our Chief Technical Officer, Andy Clegg. John is the  CEO of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies and President of the Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation. Andy is Spectrum Engineering Lead for Google and was previously program director for spectrum management at the U.S. National Science Foundation. Both are involved in the Forum's Advanced Technologies Committee, which heads the Forum's decade old Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations project, and often serves as the seed of many Forum projects.


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What is Lean Standards Development

How does the Forum develop its standards to efficiently?

Join us for a 10 minute conversation with WInnForum CEO, Lee Pucker, on what makes the Forum so nimble in standards creation: our Lean Standards Development Model.

Skip to the timestamps below if you're in a rush:
0:26 - What is the Lean Standards Development Model and how is it the most efficient path to commercial

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