Advanced Technologies Committee

The role of the Advanced Technologies Committee is to advocate for the innovative utilization of spectrum, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications:

  • Works with wireless end users and their representatives, including network operators, government acquisition authorities and research sponsors to validate concepts and requirements against technology readiness, to document domain specific requirements, use cases and business models.
  • Supports member organizations in identifying new opportunities for next generation products and services in each defined market domain.
  • Works with the regulatory and public policy community to establish a global regulatory framework promoting the adoption of emerging technologies for advanced wireless systems.
  • Provides a venue for the exchange of information on emerging radio technologies important in wireless networking and produces reports, specifications and recommendations supporting the development and deployment of advanced wireless system and next generation radio devices

Management and oversight of this committee is provided by a Steering Group working in collaboration with a Regulatory Advisory Committee. The Steering Group is comprised of the Forum’s Officers, and is responsible for drafting the Forum’s “Top 10 Most Wanted Wireless Innovations” list and setting the Forum’s “Advocacy Agenda” based on member input. These documents will be distributed to the members of the Forum for ballot following the Forum’s standard process.

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Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking

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WASHINGTONMay 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) today announced approval of the new project "Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking." The WInnForum's Unmanned Vehicle (UAV) Special Interest Group will lead the group in preparing a report that will provide:

  • a description of potential commercial and tactical business models,
  • a survey of key intellectual property to date, and
  • a survey of commercial and open-source application programming interface (API) models for autonomous networking software, existing open source projects, recommendations for Spectrum Sharing in V2V applications, interference detection and localization, potential customers and developers of future open source projects led by WInnForum.

"With emphasis on shared spectrum and multi-stakeholder collaboration, the WInnForum is a perfect place for collaboration on UAV interests," said John Glossner, CEO of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies and Chair of the Forum.  "This group will address a broad range of topics on unmanned autonomous vehicles and their impact on spectrum, which is exciting both as a project participant and beneficiary."

The report is for the benefit of autonomous vehicle manufacturers, Aviation Electronics Suppliers, Automotive Electronics Suppliers, Defense Electronics Manufacturers, Wireless Networking System Integrators, Aviation, Transportation and Wireless Telecommunications Regulators.

The "Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking" may lead to future recommendations to both Industry and Regulators, and inclusion as a future WInnForum Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations topic.