Member Benefits

If you belong to an organization that works toward advancing technologies supporting the innovative utilization of spectrum and the development of wireless communications systems, including essential or critical communications systems then you need to be a part of the Wireless Innovation Forum.

With international member organizations including radio manufacturers, their partners and suppliers, acquisition authorities, service providers, operators, standards bodies, researchers and regulatory agencies, the Wireless Innovation Forum provides a singular venue to advance wireless system and spectrum sharing technologies, to educate and influence decision makers at all levels of the wireless value chain, and to drive changes that will address emerging wireless communications requirements through the enhanced value, reduced total life cost of ownership and timely delivery of standardized families of products, technologies, and services.

“The level of engagement we have achieved at the WInnForum and working groups is exceeding all of our expectations, reinforcing that shared spectrum will present a seismic shift for in-building enterprise networks.”  — Iyad Tarazi, Federated Wireless

A Smart Investment of Your Time

As a representative of a member organization you can:

  • Initiate and lead market focused work groups, task groups or special interest groups.
    • Resulting Benefit: creation of reports, recommendations and specifications that incubate and advance new technologies that are important to your organization.
  • Leverage the Forum’s proven development process and IPR policy.
    • Resulting Benefit: rapid advancement of projects that will get these innovative technologies to market.
  • Collaborate with other member representatives from leading organizations across multiple market segments and at all levels of the wireless value chain.
    • Resulting Benefit: quickly built ecosystem of organizations interested in gaining economies of scale in supporting these technologies through standards based interoperation.
  • Leverage the Forum’s flexible membership model.
    • Resulting Benefit: expansion of this new ecosystem to include all relevant stakeholders
  • Leverage the Forum’s reputation as a “honest broker” in presenting technology
    • Resulting Benefit: education of regulators on issues important to our organization in establishing this new ecosystem.
  • Leverage the Forum’s partnerships, US and European conferences, webinars and web presence
    • Resulting Benefit: promotion of the adoption of your ecosystem’s technologies, guidelines and standards

"Once again, the WInnForum is taking a leading role in standardization for Software Defined Radios. By defining the application verification procedures for SCA version 4.1, NordiaSoft and other members of the WInnForum workgroup are making sure application developers can continue develop portable waveform applications that can be tested for SCA conformance by acquisition agencies.   The workgroup has accomplished a tremendous amount of work in a short amount of time. This speaks to the quality of the WInnF members and I'm proud to have led this effort to a great success." — François Lévesque, NordiaSoft

The Proof is in the Product

Wireless Innovation Forum member representatives have initiated and led multiple work efforts that promote their organization’s specific objectives through the creation of reports, recommendations and specifications that are widely used by the advanced wireless community to the tune of approximately 45,000 downloads per year.

Specifications defining application programming interfaces (APIs) and interface protocols for subsystems such as Spectrum Access Systems, RF Transceivers, Policy Control Engines, or Security Subsystems that promote an ecosystem of vendors with interoperable technologies and thus reduce cost and time to market for wireless equipment manufacturers:

6 GHz Baseline Standards in 2023

CBRS Baseline Standards in 2018, Enhancements to the Standards (Release 2) in 2020 and Post Initial Certification (Release 1+) in 2023

Transceiver Facility and Time Service Facility in 2022

Energy Management API in 2018

Transceiver Facility PIM Specification in 2017

SCA Based Standards Library in 2015

… more here …


Recommendations that promote our member companies’ positions throughout the advanced wireless community, including:

Several 6 GHz recommendations 2019-2023

PKI Root of Trust Operator Requirements in 2017

Response to Ofcom Call for Information on 3.8-4.2 GHz in 2016

 … more here …


Reports for innovative radio technologies in addressing the needs of, again for example, the public safety or tactical radio communities and spectrum sharing:

Several CBRS reports 2020-2024

Requirements for 6 GHz Incumbent Protection in 2020

Commercial Systems in 3100-3550 MHz in 2019

Deployment Guidelines for Installation for CBSDs in 2018

SCA 4.1 Requirements Allocation, Objectives, and Verification Criteria in 2017

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A small sample of these efforts include defining reference implementations:

SCA Reference Implementation version 2 (SCARI2) in 2014

Public Safety Radio System Cost Model in 2014

Cogntive Radio Ontology in 2014

… more here …


Lean Standards Development Model = Results, FAST

In the many years since its inception, Forum members have accomplished a substantial body of work, which can be found in our Knowledge Center. A significant benefit provided to Forum members by the organization has been a venue for discussion of technical issues. Competing companies have been able to discuss technology innovation, and arrive at consensus agreements that avoid product differences introduced solely because they have been developed by engineering organizations without a means to communicate and compromise.

The Forum recently moved to a Lean Standards Development ModelTM, which speeds the development process considerably compared to other standards organizations.

Model Elements

  • Committee roadmap set requirements at a high level, “backlog” establishes a prioritized list of work to be done
  • Backlog items are assigned to a “sprint”
  • Detailed requirements defined
  • Protocols developed
  • Test and certification established
  • Results of sprint delivered in an Interim Release
  • Continual Feedback from deployment against Interim Releases establishes new backlog items
  • Major release comprised of one or more interim releases
  • Results: Standards delivered in months, not years

In addition to “in-house” projects, the Wireless Innovation Forum also partners with leading standards organizations, such as the IEEE, ETSI, the OMG and radio technology program offices such - JTNC and OCCAR, minimizing the cost to our members in influencing the development of a broad range of relevant technologies and standards through participation in a single industry association.

Icing on the Cake

In addition to making an impact on the future of wireless technologies, as a member you will also:

  • stay on top of all things advanced wireless with the daily “News and Opportunities” email chock full of industry opportunities and news stories
  • receive Forum promotion of your news stories on social media, in our “Member News” and in our “News and Opportunities” email
  • network with the leaders in the advanced wireless community: network with potential customers to explore new business opportunities, network with potential competitors to gain insight into how you can differentiate your products and services, and network with potential suppliers, allowing you to influence their requirements and thus reduce your overall R&D costs.

“The Forum has a long history of successfully forming and operating international multi-stakeholder groups and organizations, such as the Forum’s Coordinating Committee on International Software Communications Architecture Standards (CC SCA).” Bruce Oberlies, Motorola Solutions

A complete explanation of member benefits can be found here.

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