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  • Wireless Innovation Forum Work Products -Reports, Recommendations and Specifications developed by the members of the Forum for use by the advanced wireless community.
  • Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless InnovationsIn 2010, The Wireless Innovation Forum initiated an ongoing project to identify major innovations that would be required to create the foundation of the next generation of wireless devices which, if realized, would address various shortcomings in existing wireless communications from the point of view of the different stakeholders in the wireless industry value-chain, including users, radio or platform manufacturers, software and hardware component providers, operators and service providers, spectrum regulators. The Forum updates this list on an on-going basis.
  • Information Documents- "Information documents are items that are intended solely for informational purposes.  They are published for the general information of WInnForum members, and are not considered WInnForum work products. 
  • Conference Proceedings- Papers from our annual Technical Conferences are available in our Document Store; papers and presentations are available free of charge to members.
  • Workshop Proceedings- Papers and presentations from our workshops, available only to members.
  • Forum Webinars - Available free of charge on our YouTube channel

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