AFC Test Harness

In this episode, I'm talking with Austin Egbert of Baylor University, coder of the  new AFC Test Harness and Mark Gibson of CommScope our 6 Ghz Committee Chair. The two worked tirelessly to bring the 6 GHz Band to operation, recently approved by the FCC.

1:00 Austin: what brought about the creation of the test harness; talk of the R&O, requirements, and more (automating 128 test vectors!!).
2:37 Mark: reflections on the CBRS experience in comparison, AFC being simpler.
3:55 Austin: an expansion on why AFC was simpler than CBRS, and what makes them different, with one aspect that made it more complicated (e.g. power levels).
5:00 Mark: DoD participation, test lab participation.
6:20 Impact of the test harness, simplicity of it, ease and speed of the system in comparison to the SAS experience.
8:00 Austin: on the modular nature, lots of tools and functionality.
9:15 Mark: Lessons learned and how this tool was made to be replicatable and repeatable for future use.

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