CBRS Workshops with Preston Marshall

In this episode, I talk with CBRS Committee Co-Chair Preston Marshall about our virtual CBRS Workshops coming in September. What makes these workshops different than our others? Preston tells us why.



00:46 Overview of workshop 1: What are the Challenges with CBRS?

What prompted the creation of the workshops?

03:00 Who will be there?

03:20 What makes it unique?

04:04 A little more on the speakers

05:00 How about that roundtable?

05:50 This will be interactive! Bring your questions.

06:30 Realtime Awareness of Radio Environment - Sensing Vs. Informing … time to geek it out! A discussion on the differences, history, what has been done, and more.

08:25 Who will be there

09:10 This will be the first workshop ever where …

10:40 Another roundtable!

12:10 Looking for the wisdom from the crowd, so come ready to provide your opinion


Visit https://cbrs.wirelessinnovation.org/cbrs-fall-2023-workshops to learn more or email [email protected] to get involved today!

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