A Look Back at 2021 and a Look Forward into 2022

Today I'm talking to WInnForum CEO Lee Pucker, taking a look back at a few of the Forum's 2021 Highlights and looking forward into what our members are working on in 2022.


0:55 Advanced Technologies Committee highlights: a bit on the NEW Passive and Active Sensor Systems group and what their focus is

2:13 Spectrum Sharing Committee highlights: PAL systems came online! Since that momentous occasion, the group has worked on deployment concerns and standards development tailored to the users with our Enhancements to the baseline standards. Lee expands on this and what it means.

4:08 Software Defined Systems Committee: A bit about the exciting relationship formed with SOSA and what inputs our group has been working on for their standards per the agreement as well as a package of standards in ballot now. This is a whopper with 10 documents and years of international cooperation.

6:24 6 GHz Committee: in its second year, it has been on a roll, preparing it's first recommendation  to the #FCC, as well as a comprehensive requirements document providing the baseline for moving the band forward.

7:50 Last but not least, events! Covid moved everything online for, well, everyone in 2021. Accordingly, the Forum held its first online Summit to great reviews.

9:15 Spectrum Sharing Committee in 2022: more enhanced standards and evolving what features need to be added to improve functionality in the dynamic CBRS space.

10:10 Software Defined Systems in 2022: SOSA recommendations should come to light this year.

10:50 6 GHz: with requirements come testing and certification, cue up a new accreditation program for test labs to test against these new requirements. Should be an exciting year for this group!

12:25 Events … what can we say? We don't quite know yet, but we have some ideas … Lee will review some possibilities.

14:00 Possibilities for the next webinar are being mulled over as well. Lee provides a sneak peek at those topics.


CBRS Standards: https://cbrs.wirelessinnovation.org

SDS Standards, including SCA: https://sds.wirelessinnovation.org

6 GHz Standards: https://6GHz.wirelessinnovation.org

WInnForum Homepage and additional standards: https://www.WirelessInnovation.org

Webinars: https://www.WirelessInnovation.org/webinars

WInnComm 2021: https://conference.wirelessinnovation.org


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