WInnComm 2021: Day Two Special Edition

Hello and welcome to Setting the Standard, the podcast about wireless radio standards creation from the Wireless Innovation Forum. Today we have a special episode outlining the Day two of the Forum's virtual summit WInnComm 2021, featuring a keynote by Martha Suarez of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance, Forum Project Updates with President John Glossner and sessions on 6 GHz Commercialization and Protection of Passive Services in Radio Spectrum.


1:03 SDS Committee Updates with Ken Dingman, L3Harris
1:15 Get to know about our work with SOSA and how beneficial this partnership is and how it is a wonderful opportunity for our international constituents
2:00 A little bit about exactly what we are doing with SOSA and how they are leveraging our membership knowledge base
3:27 What is a facility? Our Wednesday session will bring that to light. PIMs, PSMs … all the acronyms explained
4:30 An overview of SDS Updates II which will outline the committee's brand new work products on timing and transceivers that have had international input across the board
6:16 Are you an implementation developer or engineer, system engineer or architect? We'll be talking about object models, FACE, CMOSS, SCA, so if you work with any of these you should be here Wednesday. Embedded developers of applications impacted by timing and transceiver should tune in Thursday
7:43 Mark Gibson of Commscope on the 6GHz Commercialization Session overview - why are people so interested in this band anyway?
8:50 A bit on the AFC, similar to the CBRS band's SAS, which the Forum developed the standards for
9:55 Why is this band of interested for unlicensed usage, rather than hashing out what unlicensed means
10:30 A bit on the panel discussing 6 GHz commercialization issues, which will include WiFI reps, Ultrawideband, 3GPP and other unlicensed areas
11:05 Come to this session if you want to know why this band is of so much interest to the unlicensed community, and how they will put it to use; this will provide context. Learn what the fuss is all about!
12:05 Protection of Passive Services in Radio Spectrum with Andy Clegg of Google and Kevin Gifford of CU Boulder
12:40 A bit on radio astronomy and interference and goals around sharing spectrum for better observation and science as well as the incentives for sharing and benefits of bi-directional sharing
14:30 Innovation space here that warrants discussion
15:00 What are the problems around radio astronomy sites like Greenbank? And how about satellites? This session will talk about this, including ground as well as space based emitters.
16:55 How can we extend and apply protection methods to protect passive services? The Forum has those experts that have figured that out for the CBRS band.
17:35 The radio astronomy community, and anyone interested in the creation of a national radio dynamic zone should really be here. Commercial providers may want to tune in as well as those using spectrum sharing, wireless communications constituencies (WiFi, cellular, DoD).
19:45 The active sharing community can learn how passive services operate, and passive services can learn more about active services; this has been reflected during the first few meetings of the Committee and will be provided here as well

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