All about ESCs

In this episode, I'm talking about ESCs with Andy Clegg, Forum CTO and Chair of SSC WG1, John Glossner, Chair of the TG assigned to work on ESC Impact Technical Report, and Mark Gibson, Vice Chair of Forum, and ESC network operator.



0:42 Andy Clegg talks about what an ESC is and why they need protection? A bit about the Navy and the Spectrum Access System and whisper zones.
04:48 John Glossner discusses the work of the Task Group to evaluate ESC impacts, antenna patterns, population impact and more.
09:35 Mark addresses what it all means for CBRS, antenna design, best practice and more.
11:08 What about adjacent channels? Any worries for the 3.45 and upcoming auction?
12:24 Are there alternatives are there to ESC's? (Spoiler alert … yes!) A bit on a portal the Forum built, the DoD program initiative, Informing Incumbent Capability (IIC), and more.
15:42 What are the roadblock to implementing IIC? It depends …

Download the report here.

ESCs will be explored further during WInnComm 2021 Online: A Deep Dive into the Future of Wireless Communications Technologies, Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2021.

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