Forum Publishes Timing Service Facility

Today I'm talking to the Forum's Software Defined Systems Committee co-chair Eric Nicollet of Thales about the Committee's recently published timing service specification and supporting facilities principals report. This is an audio-only interview.

The newly published documents can be found here: 

0:47 Background of the specification and how it came into being
1:15 Addressing time access, and how this is critical
1:34 Modernizing available SDR standards
1:41 Overview of international efforts to address this from U.S., ESSOR, Germany and how this effort ties it all together
2:39 How this will be implemented on modernized software defined radios
2:55 Minimizing adoption cost
3:44 Two scenarios that exemplify the benefits of the standard: atomic time and leap seconds, and platform independent (PIM) vs. platform specific (PSM) modeling
5:45 PSMs on the horizon

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