Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations

Today I'm talking with Forum President and Chair, John Glossner and our Chief Technical Officer, Andy Clegg. John is the  CEO of Optimum Semiconductor Technologies and President of the Heterogeneous System Architecture Foundation. Andy is Spectrum Engineering Lead for Google and was previously program director for spectrum management at the U.S. National Science Foundation. Both are involved in the Forum's Advanced Technologies Committee, which heads the Forum's decade old Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations project, and often serves as the seed of many Forum projects.


00:54 History of the Top Ten Most Wanted Wireless Innovations
01:58 Why the Top Ten is important to industry, what it's used for, the important role it plays in innovation
02:48 Current Top Ten list review (Andy reveals his favorite at 03:15!)
05:35 Past innovations that the Forum has played a role in solving
06:30 How CBRS specifications came from one of the original Top Ten lists, enabling an entire to industry
07:23 How to provide your input to the Top Ten

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