TR-1008 and the FCC's ULS Database

Today I'm talking with Peter Young, one of the main contributors to the Forum's newly released Incumbent Fixed Service Data Report (TR-1008), which provides information on general data quality issues with the Universal Licensing System or ULS, and identifies some of the missing data that will be pertinent to future discussion on automated Frequency Coordination system implementation.

You can download TR-1008 here:

0:50 What is the background of the ULs and why was TR 1008 created?
1:15 An overview of the different categories of devices
2:06 A bit about incumbent systems
2:52 What are the problems caused by interference?
3:11 The purposes of TR-1008
3:56 A brief history of the ULS taking you back to 1999
4:52 The different databases involved
5:17 The FCC hosts the data for download and query (
5:49 Issues with the ULS data and how technology has changed over the years
6:24 A bit about the structural changes affecting ULS data accuracy
6:53 Technical changes/issues not addressed in the ULS
8:39 Quality issues with data entry
9:12 Wait! Don't get discouraged, it's not as bad as it may sound
9:42 A bit about the Forum's upcoming Recommendation to address issues

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