6 GHz Band with Mark Gibson

Today I'm talking with CommScope's Mark Gibson, who chairs the Forum's 6 GHz Committee. Recently a larger 6 GHz Multistakeholder group has been formed as well, combining the Forum's membership horsepower with the WiFi Alliance and broader industry stakeholders to tackle an aggressive timeline to operations in the band. Today, Mark will explain the background and get into how the groups work together.

00.45 How and why did Forum get involved in the 6GHz band
01.38 Creation of the WInnForum's charter
02:09 What is the difference between the WInnForum's 6 GHz Committee and the Industry 6 GHz Multistakeholder Group anyway?
03:13 The Forum's first document for the Committee and the resulting timeline for the  Committee, including resulting FCC filings
03:59 A bit about the Forum's different sub-committees
04:44 Now more on the 6 GHz Multistakeholder Group
05:29 A relationships forms with the WiFi Alliance
05:54 More on the establishment of the MSG and its workstreams
08:00 What is the timeline moving forward? Will we be able to have an AFC certified by the holiday 2021 goal?
09:23 What has to happen for us to meet that goal?
10:19 How can stakeholders get involved?
13:26 A bit on the meeting cadence

Want to join the Forum to create some of the standards (mostly AFC focused)?
You can join here: https://www.wirelessinnovation.org/join-the-forum

Need more information on the WInnForum's 6 GHz Committee:

Want to get involved in the larger industry 6 GHz Multistakeholder group?
Just email me: [email protected] or Lee Pucker [email protected]

Want to join the WiFi Alliance?
E-mail Edgar Figuero: [email protected]

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