The Forum's Drone SIG

In this episode, I'm talking with John Glossner of Optimum SemiConductor Technologies and Louise Lamont of CRC Canada, about the Forum's Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Wireless Networking, or Drone for shorthand, Special Interest Group. The group is currently work putting together a report on the Technological State of the Industry on Wireless Drone Networking.



01:05 Why a special interest group? A bit about how the group was formed and the difference between SIGs and TGs and how this group spans multiple topics and groups.

02:47 Topics reviewed to date in the group, including open source, simulators, and interference detection.

04:46 Louise talks about the CRC contribution on interference detection and localization and how regulators could use the data gathered by CRC.

09:44 How the group plans to use the information from the CRC contribution as well as the other contributions received to date in its first technical report.

10:18 A review of who will benefit from this inaugural report: hint, it's a broad swath, from regulators to manufacturers, above ground, below sea … so many more! And did John mention drone taxis and aerial drone refueling?

11:18 First draft timing predictions.

11:58 What's next? Modeling? Simulation? Defense and civil government projects? The many possibilities are explored.

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