SDR Tactical Communications Workshop Speaker Profile

23 May, 2018
NH Madrid Principe de Vergara
Madrid, Spain
Hosted by Indra

Daniel Schakols 
IT Solutions Architect
blackned GmBH

After graduating high school, Daniel Schakols joined the German armed forces where he completed the training as an army officer and earned a Master’s degree in computer science (in 2005). After different applications in leading positions he taught duty network technology at the Führungsunterstützungschule der Bundeswehr for the last three years of his active duty. After leaving the armed forces he worked as a Network Consultant and later as a System Architect for various companies. In 2017 he joined the “blackned GmBH” where he worked further as an IT Solutions Architect. blackned GmbH is consulting the BAAINBw (Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology an In-Service Support) since 2009 as one of its business units. In 2017 his organization was tasked with developing a Reference Architecture leading to a System Concept for the Mobile Tactical Domain of the German armed forces. He loves to cycle and playing guitar and is the proud father of two wonderful daughters.