SDR Tactical Communications Workshop Speaker Profile

23 May, 2018
NH Madrid Principe de Vergara
Madrid, Spain
Hosted by Indra

Adrián González-Zorn 
ESSOR Programme Division, OCCAR-EA 

Adrian is member of the ESSOR Program Division in OCCAR-EA. The Organization for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) is a European intergovernmental organization that facilitates and manages collaborative armament programs. ESSOR PD is the Contracting Authority for the ESSOR OC1 contract awarded to a4ESSOR S.A.S., the industrial joint-venture in charge of the ESSOR Program, which defines and develops interoperable secure military SDR architecture and waveform for the MoDs of France, Finland, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Previous to this activity, Adrian worked 4 years as System Engineer in Elettronica GmbH, where he was specialized in developing and integrating communication and radar sensors.

Adrian spent more than 15 years as Navy Engineer related with project management in the Spanish Navy. He worked in several major Program Offices, building between others a frigate and an aircraft carrier. He also was Liaison Officer for 3 years in Lockheed Martin, USA, co-developing and testing a Radar System for the Spanish Navy, and he also worked as Software Engineer in the Spanish Navy maintenance site for naval tactical computer programs.
Adrian received his degree as Master Engineer in Aerospace Engineering at the Polytechnic University Madrid “UPM”. He specialized in Radar and Navigation Systems.