The Wireless Innovation Forum, Wi-Fi Alliance and the 6 GHz Multi-Stakeholder Group are hosting a public webinar on specification in support of the AFC System lab testing.


  1. Opening Remarks, Lee Pucker (Wireless Innovation Forum), Alex Roytblat (Wi-Fi Alliance), and Mark Gibson (CommScope)
  2. Intro to the requirements/TS-1014 – WInnForum, Presented by Richard Bernhardt (WISPA)
    • WInnForum TS-1014 is designed to provide a roadmap of the requirements for AFC systems in the 6 GHz band. In simple terms, TS-1014 guides AFC system operators on compliance with the FCC’s 6 GHz rules and interactions with Standard Power device equipment for the protection of 6 GHz incumbent band operations.
  3. Overview of AFC SDI –Wi-Fi Alliance, Presented by Thomas Derham (Broadcom)
    • This provides an overview of AFC System to AFC Device Interface including messaging protocol and transport for the interface between an AFC System and an AFC Device as well as the architecture, protocols, and functionality for entities that support AFC System to AFC Device Interface.
  4. Overview of SUT Compliance Test Plan – Wi-Fi Alliance, Presented by Tevfik Yucek (Qualcomm)
    • This covers an overview of AFC System Under Test (SUT) test plan, target requirements, test configuration, test cases and associated test assumptions/parameters and test methodologies.
  5. Overview of SUT Compliance Test Vectors Requests and Responses – Wi-Fi Alliance, Presented by Stuart Strickland (HPE)
    • Participants will be introduced to the AFC SUT testing framework test vectors, the concept of test vectors, components of each test vector, and how they are interpreted.
  6. Overview of AFC Traceability Matrix and AFC SUT testing framework – WInnForum, Presented by Masoud Olfat (Federated Wireless)
    • This describes the association between AFC SUT requirements and AFC SUT Test vectors through the Traceability Matrix.
  7. Introduction to the Test Harness – WInnForum, Presented by Austin Egbert (Baylor University) and Andy Clegg (Google)
    • Participants will be introduced to the components of the AFC SUT test harness, including test code, spectrum inquiries corresponding to test vectors, and how the test system uses masks to validate the responses from the AFC SUT. Participants will be shown how to access the test harness on GitHub.
  1. Q & A