SDR Tactical Communications Workshop and WInnForum Technical Exchange Meetings

22-24 May, 2018
NH Madrid Principe de Vergara
Madrid, Spain

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Join us in Spain this May for a full day SDR Tactical Communications Workshop and Technical Exchange Meetings of our Software Defined Systems Committee Working Groups. The Workshop will feature keynotes and speakers from government officials from Europe and the US, and will include an afternoon focus on SDR Standardization for Interoperability.

Due to limited space, registration is limited, with members given priority registration. Non-members will be approved in order received. Please email Stephanie Hamill today to ensure your spot!

Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, 22 May

8:30 AM             Transceiver Facility WG
10:00 AM           Break
10:30 AM           SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Test Procedures
12:00 PM           Lunch
1:00 PM             SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Test Procedures
3:00 PM             Break
3:30 PM             SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Test Plan
4:30 PM             SCA 4.1 Applications Verification Test Procedures (if needed)
5:30 PM             Break
6:00 PM             Energy Management API

Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, 23 May
9am - 6pm, lunch and coffee breaks included 

9:00 AM

"A Secure Software Defined Radio Military Capability in Spain:  An ESSOR-based approach" Captain Aurelio HinarejosSpain MoD

9:45 AM

"SDR as an Enabling Technology in Defence Programs: An Industry Perspective"  Pablo Perez Roman, Indra

10:15 AM

Update on the Finish SDR Program, Heikki RantanenFinnish Defense Program,

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

"Interoperability tests for components based architectures," Jean-Philippe Delahaye, DGA MI and Olivier Kirsch, Kereval

11:30 AM

"Proceedings on the 'Digitization of landbased Operations (D-LBO)' Programme of the German armed forces" Rhega Wenske, BAAINBw and Daniel Schakolsblackned,

12:00 PM

Update of the Italian SDR Programme and Vision,  Lt. Col. Alfonso AielloItalian MoD and Fabio CasalinoLeonardo

12:30 PM

Lunch and Demos

2:00 PM

"ESSOR Programme Status & Contributions to SDR Architecture Standards" Adrian Gonzalez ZornOCCAR and Christian Serraa4ESSOR SAS,

2:30 PM

NATO presentation, presented by Eric Nicollet, Thales

3:15 PM

Mr. Philippe Cambraye, EDA 

3:45 PM


4:00 PM

Update on WInnForum activities, Eric NicolletThales

4:30 PM

Kevin RichardsonJTNC


Featured Demonstrations


 As one of the leader of SCA COTS solution provider Adlink will demo the SCA4 supporting tool, showing its benefits in terms of model validation and correct by generation XML and code. We will also show that we have the complete stack supporting SCA4 development, for example:

- Demonstrate model based waveform development using SpectraCX, including:

o   Waveform authoring with graphical model tool

o   validation of the model against the SCA4 profile

o   generation of SCA4 complaint XML and component code

 - Demo of an SCA4 waveform running on a SCA4 compliant CF


The Software Communications Architecture allows for the development of embedded software applications that are portable across platforms with different operating systems and/or processors.

At the SDR Tactical Communications Workshop and WInnForum Technical Exchange Meetings (22-24 May, 2018, Madrid, Spain) NordiaSoft will showcase its Embedded Components (eCo) Suite for SCAv4.1 development that makes source code portability easy. The eCo Suite provides a complete solution for the development of SCAv4.1 systems, including a set of tools to create SCA models, automatically generate all associated source code, create HMI software, and to monitor and debug SCA systems. The suite also includes a SCAv4.1 Core Framework that is backwards compatible to SCAv2.2.2 and a powerful migration engine that transforms SCAv2.2.2 artifacts into SCAv4.1 ones. The NordiaSoft eCo Suite also provides a list of SCA Devices implementing the Joint Tactical Networking Center (JTNC) and the Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnF) APIs. 

During the demonstration, NordiaSoft will highlight the simplicity of the SCA portability paradigm: the same FM waveform application will be executed on laptop computer, a Samsung smartphone and a video projector.

Thursday, 24 May

Advisory Council Meeting
(closed meeting)


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