NordiaSoft and WInnForum India Regional Committee One Day Seminar

The Software Communications Architecture (SCA) as a Component Based Development Architecture for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems

11 May 2015, Bangalore India

For further details: please contact Praveen K at [email protected]

Developed  for  military  radios  and adopted worldwide, the  Software  Communications Architecture (SCA) is also applicable  to most heterogeneous embedded distributed systems as  found in radars,  robotics,  transportation, avionics  and communications industries. Designed around a Component Based Devel- opment paradigm, the SCA  is now a mature technology for which  a complete development ecosystem,  from modeling tools  to custom- ized code generators  and runtime  support tools,  has been created.  This  seminar  will introduce the concepts and main elements of the SCA, and how it can be used to improve development  efficiency  and reduce time  to market.

Who Should Attend?
Decision makers, Program Managers and Lead Engineers within   the   embedded systems industry looking for ways to improve product development life-cycles.

About the speakers:
R. Muralidharan
, Senior Member IEEE,  is   a   Systems Engineering professional in Computer and Communication Engineering fields for 32 years and is currently CTO at Strategic  Electronics Division  of Tata Power Company Ltd., Mumbai,  India. At SED, he is responsible  for design and development of mission critical real time solutions for Indian Defense. He is the Vice Chair and member on the Board of Directors of Wireless innovation Forum (SDR Forun v2.0) and the Past Chair- man of IEEE India  Council.

Claude  Belisle,  M.Sc.  P. Eng., is the CEO of NordiaSoft, responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership and overall company  management. He has close  to 30 years  of experience  in R&D on communications  systems acquired at Defence R&D    Canada and  the   Communications Research Centre where he held positions of vice-president  Satellite Communications  and Strategic  Program Development.  Over his career, he has been involved  in a wide range of technologies, from communications networks, software defined radios, and satellite communications.

Juan Pablo Zamora Zapata, Ph.D., is passionate about the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), domain in which he has worked  for the last 15 years.  Dr.  Zamora  Zapata  is a co-founder of NordiaSoft, a spin-off from the Communications  Research Centre (CRC) Canada, where  he worked for over 8 years as a research  scientist. Currently, Dr. Zamora Zapata is the Director of Business Development at NordiaSoft. In 2005 Dr. Zamora  Zapata obtained  his Ph.D. degree in Computer   Science from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.