Project Approval Process

The Project Approval Committee is the SDR Forum’s formal mechanism for coordinating the activities of the committees and ensuring the organization’s resources are used as effectively as possible to meet our collective goals.

Executing on the SDR Forum’s strategy will require close coordination between the Markets, Regulatory and Technical committees in initiating and advancing “projects” within the Forum, with a project defined as an activity within a committee that develops an SDR Forum Report, an SDR Forum Recommendation or an SDR Forum Specification. To support this requirement, the SDR Forum will establish a project governance process that is facilitated through a Project Approval Committee. As is implied by its name, the primary purpose of the project approval committee is to approve projects. Projects will be evaluated by this committee against established decision criteria to ensure that they have a clearly defined objective, clearly defined requirements, and they support a clearly defined set of customers.

Under the SDR Forum’s strategy, it is anticipated that most projects within the SDR Forum will be initiated through the Markets Committee, although projects may also be initiated by member companies or partner organizations. Projects will be prioritized against existing resources and strategic goals, and then assigned to committees as appropriate. A goal of the Project Approval Committee will be to encourage projects be decomposed into deliverables that can be achieved in a single calendar year, with development agendas that can be completed in a single meeting.

For additional informaton - read the Project Approval Committee Procedures document

To submit a Project Proposal, please use the Project Proposal Template available with Group Leaders Resources repository.