Forum Best Papers Awards

Every year at the Technical Conference, awards are given for the Best Papers presented at the previous Conference, as determined by an independent panel of judges. Here is a list of the awarded papers.

2015 Paper Award Winner
(Presented at WInnComm 2015)


Improving Robustness of a Cognitive Radio Engine

Hamed Asadi (University of Arizona, USA); Haris Volos (DENSO International America, USA); Michael Marefat and Tamal Bose (University of Arizona, USA)


2015 Paper Award Winners - Europe
(Presented at WInnComm-Europe 2015)


Using OPENCL to increase SCA application portability

Steve Bernier, François Levesque and Martin Phisel (NordiaSoft, Canada); David Hagood (Aeroflex, USA)


2014 Paper Award Winners
(Presented at WInnComm 2015)


Experimental Evaluation of a QoE-Oriented Network Management for Wireless LAN in Shared Spectrum Band

Masayuki Ariyoshi (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) & NEC Corporation, Japan); Kazuto Yano (ATR, Japan); Mariko Sekiguchi (Advanced Telecommunications Research International, Japan); Tomohiro Miyasaka (ATR, Japan); Tomoaki Kumagai (Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Japan)

On Quantifying the Experience Level of a Cognitive Engine

Hamed Asadi, Haris Volos, Michael Marefat and Tamal Bose (University of Arizona, USA)

Mapping Spectrum Consumption Models to Cognitive Radio Ontology for Automatic Inference

Yanji Chen and Mieczyslaw Kokar (Northeastern University, USA); Jakub Moskal (VIStology, Inc., USA); Durga Suresh (Northeastern University, USA)

Workload Comparison of Digital Down Conversion Architectures for Software Defined Radios

Patrick Crescini (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific & San Diego State University, USA); Hiba Haidar (Spawar Systems Center Pacific, USA); frederic j harris (San Diego State Univ, USA)


2014 Paper Award Winners - Europe
(Presented at WInnComm-Europe 2014)


Model-Based Testing for SCA Conformance Testing

Julien Botella (Smartesting, France), Eddie Jaffuel (eConsult, France), Bruno Legeard (Smartesting & FEMTO-ST - UFC, France) and Fabien Peureux (Institut FEMTO-ST & Smartesting Company, France)

An approach to Test and Evaluation of Military SDR Platforms and Waveforms: the LANCERS lab


Fulvio Arreghini (CSSN-ITE, Italy), Carmine Vitiello (University of Pisa, Italy), Marco Luise (University of Pisa & WISER srl, Italy), Andrea Manco (CSSN-ITE, Italy), Giacomo Bacci (University of Pisa & Wireless Systems Engineering and Research (Wiser) Srl, Italy) and Matteo Falzarano (Italian Navy, Italy)


2013 Paper Award Winners
(Presented at SDR-WInnComm 2014)


The FP7 CogEU TV White Space Radio Transceiver

Paul D Sutton (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland); Timothy K. Forde (University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland); Justin Tallon (University of Dublin , Trinity College, Ireland); Jose Ribeiro (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes Aveiro Portugal, Portugal); Paulo Marques (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal); Pawel Kryszkiewicz (Poznan University of Technology, Poland); Linda Doyle (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)


2013 Paper Award Winners - Europe
(Presented at SDR-WInnComm-Europe 2013)


Reconfigurable NATO-IV RF Front-End for SDR terminals

Antonio Morales Méndez (Indra Sistemas S.A., Spain); José María Camas Albar (Indra Sistemas S.A., Spain); Javier Baltasar (Indra, Spain); Carlos Alemparte (Gradiant, Spain); Florian Palade (Gradiant, Spain


2012 Paper Award Winners
(Presented at SDR-WInnComm 2013)

Small form factor Cognitive Radio, implemented via FPGA partial reconfiguration, replacing a wired video transmission system Raúl Torrego (IK4-IKERLAN Research Alliance, Spain); Iñaki Val (IKERLAN Technological Research Center, Spain); Eñaut Muxika (University of Mondragon, Spain)
Novel Detector Implementations Achieving 3G LTE Downlink and Uplink Requirements  Tuomo Hänninen (Centre for Wireless Communications University of Oulu, Finland); Janne Janhunen (University of Oulu, Finland); Markku Juntti (University of Oulu, Finland)
Ultra-wideband Digital Beamformer with Significant SWAP-C Reduction Elias A. Alwan (The Ohio State University, USA); Sidharth Balasubramanian (The Ohio State University, USA); Jad G. Atallah (Notre Dame University - Louaize, Lebanon); Matthew Larue (The Ohio State University, USA); Kubilay Sertel (The Ohio State University, USA); Waleed Khalil (The Ohio State University, USA); John L. Volakis (Ohio State University, USA)


2012 Paper Award Winners - Europe
(Presented at SDR12-WInnComm-Europe)

Mapping Cognitive Radio System Scenarios into the TVWS Context  Per H. Lehne and Ole Grøndalen - Telenor, Richard MacKenzie - BT Research, Dominique Noguet and Vincent Berg - CEA LETI


2011 Paper Award Winners
(Presented at SDR11-WInnComm)

An Efficient Full Digital Frequency Hopping Demodulator Based on Polyphase Filter Banks fredric harris, Xiaofei Chen, Elettra Venosa - San Diego State Univ
Classification of Multiple Signals Using 2D Matching of Magnitude-Frequency Density Features Aaron Roof - University of Buffalo & Vanteon Corporation, Adly T. Fam - The State University of New York at Buffalo
The Benefits of Static Compliance Testing for SCA Next James Ezick, Jonathan Springer - Reservoir Labs


2011 Paper Award Winners - Europe
(Presented at SDR11-WInnComm Europe)

SDR OFDM Waveform Design for a UGV/UAV Communication Scenario Christian Bluemm, Christoph Heller, EADS Innovation Works; Robert Weigel, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg


2010 Paper Award Winners
(Presented at SDR '10)

Reduced Complexity Soft MMSE MIMO Detector Architecture Kiarash Amiri, Joseph R. Cavallaro, Rice University; Chris Dick, Raghu Rao, Xilinx
Collaborative Adaptation of Cognitive Radio Parameters Using Ontology and Policy Approach Shujun Li, Mieczyslaw Kokar, David P. Brady, Jakub Moskal, Northeastern University


2009 Paper Award Winners
(Presented in 2008, Awarded in 2009)

A 65NM CMOS RF Front End Dedicated to Software Radio Franois Rivet, Yann Deval, Dominique Dallet, Jean-Baptiste Bgueret, Didier Belot, IMS
Cognitive Spectrum Assignment Pooyan Amini, Arash Farhang, Daryl Wasden, Ehsan Azarnasab, Peiman Amini, Salam Akoum, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, University of Utah
Opportunistic RADIO for multi-channel usage in WLAN Ad hoc networks Soamsiri Chantaraskul, Klaus Moessner, Univ Surrey
A Beamforming Algorithm for Collaborative MIMO System with Array Antenna Chang-eui Shin, Yusuk Yun, Seungwon Choi, Hanyang University
OFDM Modulation Using Square-Root Nyquist Time Domain Kernels To Obtain Reduced Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Chris Dick, fred harris, Xilinx


2008 Paper Award Winners
(Presented in 2007, Awarded in 2008)

Generalizing Partial Reconfiguration Designs Neuendorffer, S., C. Epifanio
The Application of a Novel Adaptive Dynamic Voltage Scaling Scheme to Software Defined Radio Dolwin, C.
Capacity Growth of a CDMA2000 Base Station Due to Moores Law Chapin, J., A. Chiu, V. Lum, J. Nimmer
Latency Profiling for Software Radio: A Case Study Tsou, T., P. Balister, J. Reed
Interconnecting JTRS SCA Applications Lvesque, F., S. Bernier
Mitigating the Cost of Information Assurance in the SDR Environment Scott, W., J. Kohler, G. Osborn
A DSP -Framework for SCA Extension Lafaye, F., E. Nicollet
Performance Evaluation of the Functional Description Language in a SDR Environment Zhong, S., C. Dolwin, B. Steink
Genetic Algorithm Approach for the Decision-making Framework in Opportunistic RADIO Chantaraskul, S., D. Thilakawardana, K. Moessner
Initial Design of a Cognitive Engine for MIMO Systems Volos, H., C. Phelps, R. Buehrer
Tests and Trials of Software-Defined and Cognitive Radio in Ireland Nolan, K., P. Sutton, T. Rondeau, L. Doyle
Synthetic Symmetry in Cogntiive Radio Networks Neel, J.
Software Defined Radio: The Transition from Defense to Commercial Markets Kaul, A.


2007 Paper Award Winners
(Presented in 2006, Awarded in 2007)

“Impact of the use of CORBA for Inter-Component Communication in SCA Based Radio” P. Balister, M. Robert, J. Reed
“Spectrum Shaping for Interference Management in Cognitive Radio Networks” T.C. Clancy, B.D. Walker
“SDR Architecture Impacts on Waveform Portability and Cost Modeling” V. Kovarik
“Novel Antenna Topologies for SDR” M. Pilcher, T. Thompson
“Architecture for an Open Source Cognitive Radio” E. Stuntbeck, T. O’Shea, J. Hecker, T. C. Clancy
“Continuous Automated Testing of SDR Software” J. Nimmer, N. Martin, B. Fallik, J. Chapin
“Radio Environment Map-enabled Situation-aware Cognitive Radio Learning Algorithms” Y. Zhao, J. Gaeddert, K. Bae, J. H. Reed
“Medium Term Evolution for Reconfigurable RF Transceivers” L. Maurer, T. Dellsperger, T. Burger R. Knopp H.Callewaert
“A Novel Interpolated Tree Orthogonal Multiplexing (ITOM) Scheme with Compact Time-Frequency Localization: an Introduction and Comparison to Wavelet Filter Banks and Polyphase Filter Banks” f. harris, E. Kjeldsen


2006 Best Paper Awards
(Presented in 2005, Awarded in 2006)

“A Wideband Monopole Antenna for SDR and UWB Applications” J. Jung, K. Seol, W. Choi, J. Choi
“Practical Experiences of Using the OMG’s Extensible Transport Framework (ETF) Under a Real-time CORBA ORB to Implement QOS Sensitive Custom Transports for SDR” A. Foster, S. Aslam-Mir
“Cluster 5: Controlling the Program through Managing Requirements” D. Aubrey
“Connecting the Dots: Naturally Representing Your SCA Connections” J. Hogg, F. Bordeleau
“Managing Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration on Heterogeneous SDR Platforms” J-P Delahaye, C. Moy, P. Leray, J. Palicot
“Case-Study of Xilinx System Generator Design Flow for Rapid Development of SDR Waveforms” D. Haessig, J. Hwang, S. Gallagher, M. Uhm
“Verification of Software Reconfiguration Platforms” S. Gultchev, K. Moessner, R. Tafazolli
“GSM Adaptive Array Trial Results Using an SDR Base Station” M. Komara
“Trade-offs Between Energy and Security in Wireless Networks” K. McKay, F. Colon Osorio
“Smart Antenna API for SDR Network” N. Ryu, T. Oh, S. Choi, S. Park


2005 Best Paper Awards
(Presented in 2004, Awarded in 2005)

“Reconfigurable Antennas as an Enabling Technology for SDR” S. Oh, J. Aberle
“Achieving Self-Awareness of SDR Nodes Through Ontology-Based Reasoning and Reflection” J. Wang, M. Kokar, K. Baclawski, D. Brady
“Modular Link Layer Functions of a Generic Protocol Stack for Future Wireless Networks” L. Berlemann, A. Cassaigne, R. Pabst, B. Walke
“Cognitive Radios with Genetic Algorithms: Intelligent Control of Software Defined Radios” T. Rondeau, B. Le, C. Rieser, C. Bostian
“Software Defined Radio Services and Device APIs” E. Christensen, D. Dohse
“A Versatile Filter Structure to Generate and Compress Binary and Polyphase Complementary Spreading Codes” fred harris, Chris Dick
“Game Models for Cognitive Radio Analysis” James Neel, Jeffrey H. Reed, Robert P. Gilles
“Software Centric Approach to Developing Wireless Applications” S. Jinturkar, V. Ramadurai, S. Shamsunder, M. Moudgill, J. Glossner
“Digital RF Linearizer Provides Superior Power-Amplifier Performance at all Frequencies” J. Rosa, D. Gupta, W. Littlefield, N. Sokal
“Vector Processing as an Enabler for Software-Defined Radio in Handsets from 3G+ WLAN Onwards” C. van Berkel, F. Heinle, P. Meuwissen, K. Moerman, M. Weiss
“A Novel Multi-Service Simultaneous Receiver with Diversity Reception Technique by Sharing Branches” N. Suzuki, K. Ito, N. Itoh
“Reconfigurable Radio with FPGA-Based Application-Specific Processors” R. Jackson, S. Jettiaratchi, M. Fitton, S. Perry
“Performance Optimization of Remote SCA Launcher” D. Murotake, J. Jussel
“Digital Processing Pool for JTRS Software Radio: In-Mission Flexibility and Efficient Technology Insertion” M. Kosmicki, S. Pearce


2004 Best Paper Awards
(Presented in 2003, Awarded in 2004)


“A Flexible Chip Rate Processor for CDMA Rake Receiver”

Ye, Y. Kim, and A. Schooler

“Reconfiguration Management in 4G Mobile Networks: Requirements, Process and Architecture”

V. Gazis, N. Houssos, N. Alonistioti, and L. Merakos

“Reconfigurable Antennas and RF Front Ends for Portable Wireless Devices”

D.Auckland, S.Rogers, and J. Aberle

“JTRS SCA: Connecting Software Components”

S. Bernier, F. Lvesque, C. Auger, and H. Latour

“Benefits of Superconductor Digital-RF Transceiver Technology to Future Wireless Systems”

D. Gupta, A. Kadin, O. Mukhanov, J. Rosa, and D. Nicholson

“The Role of Game Theory in the Analysis of Radio Networks”

J. Neel, J. Reed, and R. Gilles

“SDR Terminal while Complying with Local Radio Regulation”

C. Lam, H. Wang, K. Sakaguchi, J. Takada, and K. Araki

“Benefits of Superconductor Digital-RF Transceiver Technology to Future Wireless Systems”

Matteo Frigo

“A Handheld Software Radio Based on the IPAQ PDA: Software”

J. Forbess, M. Wormley, A. Chiu

“Security Considerations for Software Defined Radios”

John J. Fitton

“An Approach to a Compact JTRS SCA Core Framework for Handheld Radios”

 J. Cruz, T. Davis, M. Mario,  and G. Rolon