Multi-stakeholder Workshop on Unlicensed Use in the 6 GHz Band

Date: 17 July 2019


Welcome and Introductions

Incumbent Presentations 

 3GPP Input Presented by Kumar Balachandran, Ericsson

Vendor Presentations

WInnForum's views, presented by Mark Gibson, CommScope and Chief Regulatory Officer of the Wireless Innovation Forum

Program Summary:

In February of 2019, the FCC issued an NPRM proposing sharing of the 6 GHz Band between incumbents and new unlicensed entrants. The WInnForum responded to this NPRM calling for the establishment of a technology-neutral multi-stakeholder group to "provide a framework to collaboratively study and develop guidelines" in areas that include:

  • Propagation models
  • Interference protection criteria
  • Security
  • Interference determination, reporting and mitigation
  • Testing and certification

The purpose of the workshop is to explore the technical requirements associated with these areas from the perspective of both the incumbents and the prospective new unlicensed entrants to the band. It is the intention of the WInnForum to ensure the participation of as many stakeholders as possible so that the entire ecosystem can come together in a spirit of cooperation to reach agreement on the basic principles of operation in the band. The WInnForum has a commitment to develop spectrum sharing technologies and hosts member companies who have the broadest variety of interests in the band, including incumbent fixed service vendors and users, operators and vendors of commercial mobile systems, and unlicensed equipment users and vendors. In our offer to host the workshop, we welcome official representation from all singular and multi-faceted interests in the 6 GHz band so that we can establish a truly neutral set of requirements that can be used for coexistence. The focus of the workshop is technical, not policy, and the workshop presentations and summary may be provided to the FCC for consideration.

This is the first of two workshops, the second of which will be in the San Francisco Bay area at a date and location to be announced. Space for this workshop is limited, so we request each organization limit participation to one or two people.