2015 Presidents Award
Forum President Bruce Oberlies (from left) with Ken Dingman,
Preston Marshall and Forum CEO Lee Pucker.

2015 Presidents' Award

The President’s Award is presented to individuals in recognition of their sustained outstanding contributions in support of the Wireless Innovation Forum and its activities.  This year both the Forum’s Spectrum Sharing Committee and Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards had significant accomplishments and leaders worth recognition.

Preston Marshall, Google

The FCC began proceedings of the 3.5GHz band in early 2013 in which the Forum was an active participant with four filings supporting our member’s positions, commending the Commission’s actions and supporting creation of an Industry Multi-stakeholder group.  The Forum took an aggressive stance to take the role of the Multi-stakeholder group and formed the Spectrum Sharing Committee in early 2015.   Since the formation, the SSC has grown from X to Y members through active promotion of the Forum and the activities of the SSC.  The person who has worked tirelessly on this is Preston Marshall.

Ken Dingman, Harris

Ken Dingman has been an active leader in the CC SCA Steering Committee.  In January, the Forum endorsed the SCA4.1 specification after providing nine recommendations and developing two standards.  He has played an active role in the Forum serving on the board of directors for many years and has held the position of Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Forum for the majority of his time on the board.   His merits are not only for his significant impacts on the organization and work products of the Forum but also his personal initiative going far beyond the responsibilities of his positions.

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