Mark Turner - 2013 International Achievement Award

The Forum International Achievement Award is presented to an individual, group of individuals, or organization that made especially significant contributions to international furtherance or acceptance of Software Defined or Cognitive Radio. Winner Mark Turner was instrumental in driving the formation of the Coordinating Committee for International SCA Standards (CC SCA). Through his efforts, the committee’s Steering Group brought together experts from government programs in France, Finland, Germany, Italy and the United States along with NATO, OCCAR and the European Defense Agency to collaborate with the Steering Group industry representatives in identifying requirements and developing a common vision for the advancement of SCA based standards. Mark also represented the CC SCA on the Board of directors, bringing issues associated with the adoption of SCA as a global standard to the Board for consideration in strategic and operational planning. Through Mark's efforts in support of the CC SCA, considerable progress has been made in converging towards a single SCA standards support the needs of the community world-wide. Furthermore, Mark was a long-time leader and contributor as the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Forum. 


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