Document Approval Process

The SDR Forum has created a new Document Approval Process with procedures for submission of documents to the SDR Forum for consideration, deliberation, and adoption as technical specifications, technical reports, recommendations, and information.

This document represents an update to the original Technical Committee process that was developed and approved in 2001 (SDRF-01-I-0013-V3.2). The modifications made provide for a better defined and more rigorous process for the introduction, maturation, and promulgation of SDR Forum documentation and other work products. Moving forward, it is anticipated that this revised process will apply to the work products of committees, including the Marketing and Regulatory committees.

Among the attributes desired for an SDR Forum process are:

  • Rigorous specification of form and content for document submission
  • A defined review and progression process mediated by checks and balances of "working groups", committees, and steering committee, and chairs
  • A well defined process for elevating differences of opinion for resolution
  • Sufficient industrial review, participation, validation
  • Opportunity for alternative standards, and performance contrasts
  • Traceability of each version, and annotated responses accommodating all recommendations; rigorous record keeping
  • Alignment with the processes of other key standards bodies within the wireless telecommunications community, such as ETSI

In the many years since its inception, a substantial body of work has been accomplished and published in the SDR Forum. A significant benefit provided to Forum members by the organization has been a venue for discussion of technical issues. Competing companies have been able to discuss the SDR technology, and arrive at consensus agreements that avoid product differences introduced solely because they have been developed by engineering organizations without a means to communicate and compromise.

With the increasing growth and maturity of the SDR Forum, it has become apparent that a new process is necessary. This policy describes procedures that provide more formality and accountability to technical deliberations. It also describes the infrastructure to support the mechanical details of implementation in a more structured way.

You can read the new policy document here, or view a PowerPoint overview of the process.

A SDR Forum Procedure for Electronic Ballots was approved on 12 August 2009, you can view it here.

New documents can be created using the document template provided here.