Dr. Bruce Fette
Dr. Bruce Fette - 2004 SDR Forum Contributor Award

To anyone who has attended a meeting of the SDR Forum or who has attended our conferences, there is one individual who stands out for his efforts and service, Dr. Bruce Fette.

Dr Fette's service to the SDR Forum goes back many years to the original Forum planning meetings and its kick-off in March 1996. He was one of the founding fathers who helped crystallize the concept and structure of a government and industry forum for software radio. He was instrumental in the early operations of the MMITS Forum and took the responsibility for organizing and hosting some of the Forum's initial meetings. As a Charter Member of the SDR Forum, Dr. Fette has continually, without interruption, served on the Board of Directors. He was the Forum's first Treasurer, and has held numerous other board positions over the past 8 years, such as the Large Company Representative and his current role as Technical Committee Chair. In every position he has held, he has brought integrity, dedication, and balance. His superior technical knowledge of communications and software radio are renowned, and the Forum has benefited greatly by his untiring contributions of time, energy, and expertise.

Bruce has served not only as chairman of the Technical Committee, but also as the chairman and organizer of the Forum’s first three SDR Conferences. It was through his personal efforts that the SDR Forum was able to organize their first conference in 2002, which had 50 technical papers and 18 expositions. Since that first year the Forum has seen continual growth in this conference – due to the personal initiative, supervision, painstaking care and attention of Dr Fette. The technical quality and the international impact of this conference have grown each and every year as a direct result.

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