Wayne Bonser
Wayne Bonser - 2002 SDR Forum Contributor Award

Wayne Bonser was the prime mover in the formation of the SDR Forum. It was his vision, leadership, energy, and commitment to an industry association that led to the formation of the MMITS Forum in 1996. The MMITS Forum subsequently changed its name to the SDR Forum. Wayne foresaw the need for a common understanding of the functions and capabilities of reconfigurable radios in the commercial, military, and public safety markets. As an early advocate of software defined radios, he established the Forum as a vehicle for disseminating the results of his research and development program with the understanding that the Forum would become a means to focus an emerging industry on a common goal.

Wayne has been an active participant in the Forum both in terms of providing guidance in the formative phases of the association as well as in promoting the Forum and in establishing the inter-relationships with other governmental organizations.

Wayne has always has had a unique perspective on the issues relating to software defined radios and he has been and continues to be a strong advocate for the Forum.

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