Dr. Joe Mitola III
Dr. Joe Mitola III - 2002 Industry Achievement Award

If you are in the field of Software Radio there is one name that recurs more often than any other and that is the name of Dr. Joseph Mitola III.

Dr. Mitola is currently a Consulting Scientist for the MITRE Corporation. Throughout his career, Dr. Mitola has held a variety of enviable positions at DARPA, E-Systems, Harris Corporation and ITT.

Known to many as the "Father of the Software Radio". He is one of the most highly cited authors in the field, contributing over two dozen technical papers. Dr. Mitola edited the landmark May 1995 special issue of the IEEE Communications Magazine and the April 1999 Journal on Selected Areas in Communications on Software Radio. He is the author of one book on "Software Radio and co-editor of another.

Dr Mitola introduced the term software radio in 1992 and was founding chair of the Software Defined Radio Forum in 1996.

By the end of the 1990s, Dr. Mitola moved on to researching the development of a radio that could find available bandwidths, filter out unnecessary information and find the right way to get the message across. Thus was born the notion of cognitive radio. The work on Cognitive Radio combines Joe's experience for Software Radio along with his passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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