Dr. Jorge Pereira
Dr. Jorge Pereira - 2003 Industry Achievement Award

In the European SDR Community there is one name that that is recognized as being central to software radio research and that is the name of Dr. Jorge Pereira.

Dr. Jorge Pereira is with the European Commission DG Information Society as Scientific Officer in the area of Mobile and Personal Communications. He has been responsible for championing Reconfigurable Radio Collaborative Research under the auspices of the European Commission Research Framework and has been the project officer within the DG information society for a number of cutting edge collaborative research projects in the Reconfigurable Radio field. These efforts have brought together leading academics and industrial experts from major manufacturers and operators from across Europe, the United States ,Canada, Isräel, China, Japan and Singapore. In addition he promotes through numerous workshops and clustering activities a cross-fertilization among the various technical and scientific domains, that will enable Reconfigurable radio and Networks to become a reality. The EC Reconfigurable Radio work area encompasses SDR and all the End-to-End Network support that accompanies it. This research area enables the SDR Forum to expand its horizons and make the Industry aware of the potential benefits of SDR on the network and system as a whole.

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