Takuzo Fujii
Takuzo Fujii - 2003 SDR Forum Contributor Award

Having honored a representative from the European community it is most appropriate that out next honoree represents the Asian Community, Mr. Takuzo Fujii.

Since the early 1990's, Mr. Fujii has worked tirelessly to bring the technology of Software Defined Radio to Japan and the other countries of Asia. As senior chief engineer of Hitachi Kokusai Denki, and an early innovator in the design and manufacture of practical cellular phones in Japan, Mr. Fujii represents both his company and nation at international standards groups such as the ITU-R. After learning of SDR, Mr. Fujii used his considerable influence to draw Asian organizations to join MMITS and the SDR Forum. Mr. Fujii's evangelization of SDR technology is responsible for Asian manufacturers, universities, regulatory agencies and service providers joining the SDR Forum. Today as a result of his diligence, about twenty Asian organizations are members of the SDR Forum, and make significant contributions to both the growing technology of SDR, as well as its deployment in products and services. Most recently, this "elder statesman" of SDR in Asia has continued his leadership as a member of the SDR Forum's Board of Directors, executing the duties of ITU Region III Representative and Forum Vice-Chair. He is without doubt the SDR Forum's greatest champion in Asia, and truly deserves to receive the SDR Forum Contributor Award for 2003.

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