Peter G. Cook
Peter G. Cook - 2005 SDR Forum Contributor Award

Mr. Pete Cook has been a major contributor to the success of the SDR Forum. He has served on the SDR Forum Board of Directors for 7 years either as Treasurer or Chair of the Technical Committee. While serving as the Technical Committee Chair, in addition to the numerous tasks associated with that activity, Pete was responsible for formulating and establishing the processes associated with document submittals, configuration management and document approvals being used in the forum today. Anyone associated with the activities of the Forum has a true appreciation for the extra effort involved for anybody who serves as Treasurer of the Forum. In his capacity as Treasurer Pete has been instrumental in defining and implementing the budgeting process used by the Forum. In addition to these SDR Forum organizational contributions, Pete has been active in many of the Working Groups including Base Station, Ad Hoc Security, Public Safety SIG, to name a few, and he's the author, co-author or contributor of many SDR Forum documents.

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