Vanu Bose
Vanu Bose - 2005 Industry Achievement Award

Vanu, Inc. is a US based small business which has shown outstanding leadership in both technology architecture development and product design in the Software Defined Radio (SDR) market space. It was named by Telecommunications Magazine as one of the ten coolest companies of 2005 and also won the 2005 GSM Award for Technology Innovation. It has rapidly become the SDR small company that others in the industry aspire to emulate.

Its founder, Dr. Vanu Bose is the principal inventor of the software radio technology that serves as the basis of Vanu, Inc.'s products. He completed his doctoral thesis on software radio in April 1999, receiving his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from MIT in June 1999. Under his leadership, Vanu Inc. developed one of the industry's first SDR waveform development middleware dedicated to platform portability and component re-use called Sprockit™, and developed and deployed the award-winning commercial SDR product called the Anywave™ Base Station. Anywave™ became the FIRST system to receive a US FCC certification under the new SDR rules.

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