John Fitton
John Fitton - 2005 SDR Forum Contributor Award

John J. Fitton is a Senior Scientist in Harris Corporation's, RF Communications Division located in Rochester, New York, USA. Mr. Fitton's professional career spans over 34 years as a system architect and designer of telecommunications and radio systems for the U.S. and global defense and governmental markets. He began his professional career as an employee of GTE Sylvania where he was involved in the system engineering and development of the AN/TTC-31, AN/TTC-38, AN/TTC-39 and SB-3614 tactical switching systems. Moving to ITT Defense Communications in 1975, he was system architect and lead system engineer for the SB-3865, and AN/TTC-42 tactical digital switch family and was responsible for the division's R&D for switching system technology. For the last 22 years, Mr. Fitton has been with the RF Communications Division of Harris where he has been in the forefront of new business acquisition and has had significant roles on major projects for NATO, the US and Canadian Governments, Communications Secure Products as well as customers around the globe. His latest involvement is in the US DoD Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) Step 2B program, the JTRS Cluster 1 program and the JTRS AMF program.

John has contributed to the SDR Forum in the following capacities:

  1. Active participation in the Technical Committee including several working groups since 2000 (i.e., Mobile Working Group, Download Working Group, Security and Architecture Working Group, Security Ad Hoc Working Group and SCA Users Group among others. Key contributor in development of SDRF document "Security Considerations for Operational Software for SDR Devices in a Commercial Wireless Domain".
  2. Served as the Chair of the Applications Sub-Working Group of the Mobile Working Group within the SDR ForumTechnical Committee.
  3. Charter member of the SDRF Road Map Task Group.
  4. Elected to the SDRF Board of Directors, Office of the Secretary and Chairman of the Operations Committee since 2003. Tireless effort in helping the SDR Forum grow during this period.
  5. Chairman of the SDRF Awards Committee 2002-2005 and 2007-2008.

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