fred harris
fred harris - 2006 Industry Achievement Award

fred has been contributing to the signal processing and more specifically to the SDR community since at least 1978. He is a tireless contributor of papers each of which add significantly to the body of knowledge of software and signal processing design for SDRs.

fred teaches signal processing classes at San Diego State, and as such has trained a significant number of the engineers who are now building SDR radios either directly at SDSU, through classes he gives on-site at conferences and around the country, or here at the SDR Forum.

fred has contributed 15 papers to SDR Forum Conferences as well as numerous tutorials. Fred has also served as conference chair, and delivered a well remembered END NOTE - "The SDR Radio with MORE KNOBS".

  • 2002 - 3 papers. 2 references
  • 2003 - 3 papers, 3 references
  • 2004 - 1 paper, 9 references
  • 2005 - 4 papers, 8 references
  • 2006 - 4 papers, 8 references

Very few have matched the significance of the contributions to our conferences than fred has. Virtually everyone building SDR has used one of fred's spectral analysis windows, a paper he wrote in 1978, often even when they don't realize (it is built into countless spectrum displays including some Windows screens)

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