Stephen Hope
Stephen Hope - 2007 SDR Forum Contributor Award

Stephen R. Hope started attending SDR Forum meetings in June of 2001. Since that time he has been a regular and active participant in both Forum meetings and in his work on specific projects between meetings. He has authored or co-authored SDRF Technical Conference proceedings, and participated in the preparation of a significant number of SDRF documents and presentations which have been instrumental in providing important guidance and information to the SDR Community at large. He has been a prominent and highly successful representative of the SDR Forum at a number of conferences and workshops in Asia and Europe, where his attendance has been of significant benefit to SDRF. Stephen has served in various capacities as a member of the SDRF Board of Directors since 2002 and is currently completing his current term as Vice-chair of the Forum. For his participation and numerous contributions to the SDR Forum Stephen R Hope is awarded the 2007 SDR Forum Contributors Award.

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