Dr. Bruce Fette
Dr. Bruce Fette - 2009 SDR Forum Presidents' Award

The SDR Forum's Presidents' Award is a new award, presented to individuals in recognition of their sustained outstanding contributions in support of the SDR Forum and its activities. The inaugural recipient of this award, Dr. Bruce Fette, has played an immense role in the growth and history of The SDR Forum. As a co-founder of the Forum in 1996, Fette served on the board of directors and held additional positions, including treasurer and technical committee chair. He was the creator of the annual technical conference in 2002 and served as conference chair until 2009, when he moved from Forum member General Dynamics C4 Systems to DARPA. Fette also worked together with Lee Pucker, SDR Forum CEO, to create the Smart Radio Challenge, reaching out to students worldwide and promoting the educational mission of the Forum.

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