Harris Unity
Harris Unity XG-100 Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio - 2009 Technology of the Year

A new award this year, The Technology of the Year is presented to an individual or organization for a breakthrough product or technology in the field of Software Defined or Cognitive Radio as selected by the members. For 2009 this award goes to the Harris Unity XG-100 Full-Spectrum Multiband Radio which provides federal, state and local agencies with the first portable "One-for-All" solution that delivers true interoperability with first responders and public safety professionals. Supporting both digital APCO P25 secure and analog FM communications across the VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz public safety bands in a single portable radio, responders can now communicate with multiple jurisdictions and agencies operating on many different frequencies and systems.

Built-in advanced capabilities include two-microphone noise suppression and clear audio for operation in high-noise environments, GPS receiver for position tracking and rapid response for emergencies, and secure Bluetooth technology for wireless audio accessories and wireless data support. The XG-100 is built to the military standard for ruggedness and submersibility, designed to be intrinsically safe, and features a true software defined radio architecture that allows flexibility for future growth, including a software-only upgrade to the APCO P25 phase 2 TDMA standards. User-friendly radio controls include a transflective front color display with intuitive user interface, configurable OLED top display for holster operation, front panel programming, and easy-grip radio controls.

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