Terry Anderson
Terry Anderson - 2010 President's Award

Mr. Anderson played a key role in supporting international collaboration between the members of the Forum and the JTRS JPEO in establishing the next version of the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), a draft specification for which was recently released. For several years, he chaired the SCA API working group that explores APIs related to the SCA and developed supporting documentation and tools for implementers of SCA. He has also served on the SCA Evolution Work Group (SCA Next) which has been evaluating change proposals for the recently released JTRS JPEO's SCA Draft Specification.

Since these initial deliveries, the SCA Next group has continued to develop new contributions for the SCA Next working panel, including contributions from the European ESSOR program and other international partners. Mr. Anderson's efforts have directly supported the Forum's Advocacy and Commercialization strategic goals and have strengthened the relationship between the Forum's members and the international SCA community.

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