CBRS Has Launched!

The webinar slides are here.
A recording will be available shortly.
As a result of collaborative efforts by industry and the U.S. government, the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) has achieved commercial service. Devices are now deployed around the U.S. and the era of mid-band shared spectrum access has begun. The Wireless Innovation Forum (WInnForum) developed the core standards upon which CBRS is built, and is moving forward with developing the next generation of CBRS standards built upon early experiences.  
If you're curious about CBRS or want a refresher in how it works, join us for a one-hour overview given by WInnForum leaders.
An Introduction to the Wireless Innovation Forum and its Spectrum Sharing Committee, provided by Lee Pucker, WInnForum CEO (5 minutes)

Part 1: 
CBRS Overview, provided by Andrew Clegg (Google), WInnForum Spectrum Sharing Committee CBRS Requirements Work Group (WG1) Chair (15 min)

Part 2: 
CBRS Use Cases and Deployment Considerations, provided by Richard Bernhardt (WISPA), WInnForum Spectrum Sharing Committee CBRS Operations Work Group (WG5) Chair (15 min)

Part 3: Ongoing and Future CBRS Standards Development in WInnForum, provided by Lee Pucker, WInnForum CEO (10 min)


Part 4: Q&A (20 min)

Tuesday, 28 January 2020
10am PT

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