CBRS Standards

WInnForum's Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC) is led by a steering group that guides the work of its four working groups (listed to the right). 

Working groups and their associated task groups develop standards in the phases listed below per the SSC Roadmap:

Commercialization Milestones

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The Spectrum Sharing Committee serves as a common industry and government standards body to support the development and advancement of spectrum sharing technologies based on the three-tier architecture proposed for the 3.5 GHz/CBRS Band rulemaking activities. While the CBRS band is the main focus on the initial activities, the Wireless Innovation Forum aims to advance this technology for all applicable spectrum bands that can benefit from it.

This Committee is intended to facilitate the interpretation and implementation of FCC rulemaking to a level that allows industry and government parties to collaborate on implementation of a common, efficient, well functioning ecosystem around this technology.

The main activities that conducted in the committee include:

  • Detailing common industry and government functionality and architecture for Spectrum Access Systems (SAS), sensors, and devices 
  • Interoperability requirements and protocol definition to allow for open competitive and well-functioning systems 
  • Common framework for testing and integration of components of spectrum sharing technologies to allow for rapid certification and deployment and predictability, thus expanding the ecosystem and increasing utility of the spectrum 
  • Details of requirements, processes, and methods for protection of incumbent users as required by the spectrum rules 
  • Operational procedures definition for the well -functioning of the system as it pertains to spectrum assignment, managements, and interoperability


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