About the Wireless Innovation Forum

Established in 1996, the Wireless Innovation Forum™ is an non-profit “mutual benefit corporation” dedicated to advocating for the innovative use of spectrum, and advancing radio technologies that support essential or critical communications worldwide. Forum members bring a broad base of experience in Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio(CR) and Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) technologies in diverse markets and at all levels of the wireless value chain to address emerging wireless communications requirements through enhanced value, reduced total life cost of ownership, and accelerated deployment of standardized families of products, technologies, and services. The Forum acts as the premier venue for its members to collaborate to achieve these objectives, providing opportunities to network with customers, partners and competitors, educate decision makers, develop and expand markets and advance relevant technologies.

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Full audited financial statements, including notes, are available for review upon request. The Software Defined Radio Forum Inc.’s Form 990 filings with the US Internal Revenue Service are publically available at http://www2.guidestar.org.